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Women’s varsity basketball team celebrates winning the Northern California championship
San Domenico is building a winning athletics program
Maja Cykowska, news section editor • March 17, 2023

While the days get longer and we can feel the spring breeze, most of the San Domenico winter sports teams just finished their long and successful seasons.    After the huge success of a women's varsity basketball and winning...

The hallways of SD: why we love them!
Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor • March 20, 2023
Hell is a teenage girl
Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor • February 7, 2023
Students work on practicing digital assignments for online exams in AP English classes and AP U.S. History.
San Domenico implements three digital AP exams for 2022-2023 school year
Caroline Pirsch, Editor-in-Chief • February 7, 2023

San Domenico is piloting three digital AP exams for the 2022-2023 school year, a decision that was made after several rounds of testing from...

A black Tesla drives away at San Domenico. Photo taken by Monica Sanford.
Switching lanes to electric
Monica Sanford February 7, 2023

An alien-like humming sound zooms past you. What is it? Not a spaceship, not a UFO. It’s a Tesla. And they’re everywhere. Marin has more...

Laila Rezai’s art piece created in support of people of Iran
Iranian courage, commitment and sacrifice in the face of brutal repression
Maja Cykowska, News Editor • February 6, 2023

Brutal. Violent. Abusive. These three words perfectly describe the actions of the Iranian government, and the actions they have been taking against...

Annie Tatcher-Stephens
Annie’s journey: A tribute to athletic trainer’s month
Angelo Neto, Sports Editor • March 13, 2023

Annie Thatcher-Stephens is a highly skilled and experienced athletic trainer who joined San Domenico this year. With her vast knowledge in the...

Gytis Gervickas 23’ shooting.
San Domenico men's basketball: composure under pressure
Angelo Neto, Sports Editor • February 3, 2023

San Domenico’s Varsity Men's Basketball team has made headlines for their impressive buzzer beaters. In recent months, the team has secured...

Soccer ball inside the net.
Qatar: the World Cup of human rights violations
Angelo Neto, Reporter • December 13, 2022

The World Cup is one of the few events that truly spans the globe, enrapturing fans throughout the world through their passion for soccer and...

A destroyed city looms over characters Ellie and Joel. Poster recreation by Monica Sanford.
“The Last of Us”: a video game turned TV show you have to see
Monica Sanford March 21, 2023

The beautiful, yet disturbing, atmosphere enveloped my consciousness. The verdant ivy reclaimed every dead car and crumbling building and all...

The Snack Shack sign. Photo Taken by Hannah Silber.
Students love the San Domenico Snack Shack
Hannah Silber, Copy Editor • March 1, 2023

It’s mid morning and students are lined up at the Snack Shack door. Everyone is pushing and shoving; people are coming in from different sides...

Art by Monica Sanford
The award-winning film shines a “Spotlight” on journalists at their best
Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor • February 7, 2023

In 2001, the members of Spotlight at The Boston Globe were encouraged to investigate and write about the controversial cover-ups within the Catholic...

“Chill Pills”
It’s time to take a chill pill
Isaac Archer, Opinion Editor • March 28, 2023

You don’t need to fill your schedule. Time is a limited resource; every minute spent agonizing over multivariable calculus or feeling your...

Different isn’t damaged
Different isn’t damaged
March 27, 2023

During one of the recent presentations on how to avoid microaggressions at San Domenico High School, I started to question whether San Domenico...

Workers protest at UC Berkeley, Nov. 2022. This comes amidst negotiations for higher pay and other benefits by UC UAW union members. (AP Photo/Ian Castro)
The UC staff are striking. That’s a good thing.
Isaac Archer, Reporter • December 15, 2022

CALIFORNIA — An academic worker at UC San Diego finishes their 45 min commute home after payday, knowing over half of what they just earned...