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In an April 14th vote, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a provisional ban on TikTok with support from both Democrats and Republicans.

The TikTok ban is not what the government says

Caroline Pirsch, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2024

On April 24, 2024, President Biden signed a foreign aid bill detailing how to provide aid to Ukraine. Included within the bill: a clause outlining that TikTok, a popular social media platform, will be...

The proper form of measurement: Why we should start using the metric system

The proper form of measurement: Why we should start using the metric system

Lucy Egan, Contributor May 3, 2024

American children are still learning the imperial system, even though it is foreign to nearly every other country in the world. The only possible explanation for continuing the use of the imperial system...

With people packed together in recent concerts like Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, it’s important that people maintain respect for others.

Let’s face it: Concert etiquette has gone down the drain

Caroline Pirsch, Editor-in-Chief March 14, 2024

You’ve been looking forward to this concert for months. Granted, it cost an arm and a leg for the ticket, but you’re excited and you’ve meticulously planned out your outfit. Now imagine your surprise...

Is the American dream failing us?

Is the American dream failing us?

Oliver Bennett February 15, 2024

The San Francisco Bay Area has been home to innovation in a wide array of industries from technology to healthcare. People have flocked to the Bay Area for decades to pursue careers in interesting and...

Golden Globe and Barbie

Playing the blame game in the entertainment industry: Who’s really at fault?

Sarah Robinson-Williams, Opinion Editor February 15, 2024

Jo Koy recently made history by being the first Filipino comedian to host the Golden Globes on Jan. 7, 2024. Unfortunately, that historical and game-changing moment was soured due to Koy’s distasteful...

Piquing students’ interest in sports is as easy as pie

Piquing students’ interest in sports is as easy as pie

Lucy Egan, Contributor December 17, 2023

Every year, scores of high school students rush to the football fields, volleyball courts, pools, and basketball courts, while other sports teams look out to sparsely populated stands. As I watch parents,...

Illustration by Aarya Chowdhry

Recreating Barbie’s monologue for high school students

Aarya Chowdhry, Contributor December 2, 2023

Prioritize your mental health, but make sure your high school transcript shows academic rigor. Manage your time, find balance— but your co-curricular activities should show variety. Sleep is important,...

Boarding rules or broken bonds?

Boarding rules or broken bonds?

Alice Wang, Contributor November 28, 2023

Connection truly matters here at San Domenico. And as one of the international students, I do admit that the school, as always, does a really good job in fostering those connections in many aspects. There...

The fast fashion phenomenon: A closer look at the U.S. apparel industry

The fast fashion phenomenon: A closer look at the U.S. apparel industry

Charles Yuan, Contributor November 20, 2023

The fast fashion industry has become a defining feature of the American apparel market. You might be curious: How did it rise in the first place? How is it impacting the United States? And why do I think...

Afghan displaced families

No place to call home: The ongoing plight of Afghan refugees

Sharifa Hunarwar, Copy Editor November 20, 2023

Since the Taliban came back to power in Afghanistan, approximately one million Afghan people have been displaced, whether internally or internationally due to concerns related to political instability...

A semester of assignments. Months of work. All feeding into one gleaming A on a paper report card. But was it really worth it?

The kids are not okay: The fallout of academic validation

Caroline Pirsch, Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2023

Report card and progress report days are one of the most anticipated or dreaded events of a student’s year. For some, it is a day that will end with an email deleted or a paper thrown away to avoid a...

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