Students love the San Domenico Snack Shack


The Snack Shack sign. Photo Taken by Hannah Silber.

Hannah Silber, Copy Editor

It’s mid morning and students are lined up at the Snack Shack door. Everyone is pushing and shoving; people are coming in from different sides ready to fight to the death for a Yerba Mate; the student council members working the snack shack are struggling to serve everyone. 

The Snack Shack is a crucial part of the San Domenico Community. Open every morning break, the Snack Shack provides students with countless options for snacks including candy, drinks, and chips. There is a free healthy soup option provided by the school; however, many students find themselves lined up at the Snack Shack door and battling over the Berry Celsius. 

The Snack Shack is important to students because it’s the only place where we can buy junk food, a staple for most teenage diets. According to a student poll, the mint Yerba Mate is the most popular drink; the most popular snack is sour skittles. Because of this, these items sometimes sell out and add to the hype. 

Student Sarah Williams says, “I really love the sour skittles. They have delectable flavors and they are simply superior to the regular skittles.”

“The Yerba Mate is my favorite drink at the Snack Shack,” Linda An says, a junior at San Domenico.

Beyond meeting the needs of questionable teenage diet habits, the Snack Shack is an important source of funding for bettering student life. Money from the Snack Shack goes directly to fund school dances such as winter formal and prom.

 For these reasons it’s important that students pay for all purchases and refrain from stealing. 

Student Quinn Joyce, Student Council Spirit Captain said, “It’s definitely frustrating when people steal or do not pay because that is just taking money away from events that are really fun for the upper school and as a whole.” 

In order for the Snack Shack to stay open and keep serving students, we should make sure that we  pay for everything. This way the Snack Shack will remain a favorite place for students to go during break. The Snack Shack is not only a junk food capital but also helps the student council with events like the dances. 

Fight your war into the Snack Shack as quickly as you can to try some of these delicious snacks.