39 steps into the spotlight!


Hannah Silber, Copy Editor

Richard Hannay, an innocent man wrongly accused of murder, zips across the stage frantically trying to escape the police. He runs as fast as he can and eventually outruns the police. This action-packed, fast-paced play titled “The 39 Steps” was a hit in the San Domenico community. 

  “The 39 Steps” is an organization of spies that collects information for foreign powers. The play was an amazing experience. The acting and all the characters were incredible. One of the best scenes was when Mr. and Mrs. Jordan were dancing over Richard Hannay’s dead body. It was so out of place and unexpected that it made the audience roar with laughter. Attending the play on Friday night was a great way to start the weekend. Not only were the actors fantastic, with amazing accents to fit their character, but also the plot was entertaining and full of amusing twists. One twist was when the professor, whom Hannay had trusted to keep him safe, was actually in charge of the organization chasing him for the entire show.

In addition to the great acting, almost all of the actors had to play more than one role, so there were a lot of impressively quick costume changes. 

The director of the play and upper school theater teacher, Jen Grimes, agreed that the play was a success. 

“I am very happy with how the play came out!  Although we had a slightly shorter rehearsal time than usual, and it was a very, very complex play to block and stage and design, the cast was top-notch, and we had creative, productive, and fun rehearsals,” Grimes says. 

Luckily, Grimes’s vision became a reality. 

“The verbal and physical comedy were very polished, timing was great, and the characters were all very strong,” Grimes said.  “I could not have asked for a better production, including the design elements and crew.  We had the show I envisioned when I decided to do this script.” 

It was clear that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the play. They were laughing at the funny parts and applauding loudly. It was definitely a success and everyone is excited for future productions at San Domenico.