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Donuts are costing more dough at San Domenico


After a long and stressful week at school, it’s finally Friday! During break, students push and shove in line where donuts are being sold, desperately needing sugar to get them through the rest of the day. The National Honors Society at San Domenico sells donuts every Friday during break.

This year, the NHS had to raise the price of donuts. Alice McConnell, the treasurer of the NHS, explains that last year, they spent $8.99 for one dozen donuts, and this year, they raised the price significantly. This year, it is $11.99 for one dozen donuts. Since the profits are going to a good cause, the NHS decided to raise the price of the donuts. Ripley Tsyon, a freshman at San Domenico, voices her disdain:

“For how much tuition is, they shouldn’t even charge us anything for the donuts,” Tyson said. “A donut is a donut.”

There is a variety of opinions on the donut prices getting raised. Butchie Long, a sophomore at SD, has a different opinion.

 “Even though it was raised by one dollar, it’s honestly worth it because it’s not that much, and I don’t really mind it. I don’t really get donuts that often. If it was raised by five dollars, that’d be a little crazy,” Long said. 

Although some students are upset about the higher price for donuts, most students at San Domenico understand why the price was raised.  

“If they’re trying to make money, then you have to raise the price if the store raises the price because the whole purpose is to make money while throwing in a special treat!” Long said.

Ripley was asked how she thinks San Domenico could have still made a profit without increasing the price.

 “I would say open donuts to the middle school too, and then lowered the price to what it was originally, so there’s more money coming in,” Tyson said. 

Now, what is the NHS and why are they selling donuts? NHS is a majority student-led organization across the United States. NHS values four pillars which are scholarship, service, leadership, and character. So, why is the NHS selling donuts and raising the price? The money being raised from the donuts will later be donated to a charity that has not yet been voted on this year. Last year, the NHS donated to an organization that helps the LGBTQ-plus community. The NHS does a lot of service work for our communities, for example, last year, the NHS, did a book drive to help children in need. They also donated numerous books to an organization that would give them to children who did not have access to educational materials.

Although the price of donuts may be up for debate, one truth remains: these sugar-coated donuts are beloved by all. Regardless of differing perspectives on the price rising, there’s no denying the simple joy that comes from a fluffy donut during Friday break. 

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