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Carrie Robley: A pillar of strength and compassion at San Domenico School

A picture of Carrie Robley when she worked at San Domenico School.
James Lucas
A picture of Carrie Robley when she worked at San Domenico School.

Carrie Robley, the Assistant Head of San Domenico School, the Director of Middle School, and an English teacher, has had a long career in education. Her tenure at San Domenico School was marked by her profound dedication, leadership in challenging times, and deep personal connections with fellow students and colleagues. Sadly, she passed away on August 8, 2023 in Marin County.

Carrie Robley, a name that resonates with profound influence, has impacted so many people around her. Dave Whaley, who teaches at San Domenico Upper School, reflected on Robley’s great impact on the community. 

“Her greatest contribution to San Domenico, I think, was her connection with the students and how much they knew she cared about their education,” Whaley said. 

He laughed as he recalled a specific incident that happened when Robley was still working at SD middle school.

“One time… Robley beat coach Fulton in front of the entire middle school one-afternoon shooting baskets, which was so much fun to watch.”

During the Covid outbreak, Robley became one of the most significant contributors to San Domenico School. Under her guidance, the school was able to develop policies to deal with the pandemic and better serve the students, such as initiating online classes and enforcing the use of masks for staff and students, leading the school’s collaboration with the Marin County Health Department to provide instruction to students, such as distributing test kits, masks, and post signs throughout the campus about washing hands regularly, wearing masks, and keeping a social distance from people.

LeaAnne Parlette, the Director of Lower and Middle School at San Domenico, spoke about Robley’s leadership during the pandemic. 

“She had a lot of pressure to keep people healthy… and she had all of us relying on her,” Parlette said. “Robley was in charge of that. She was ‘The Queen of Covid’.”

David Wise, Chief Financial Officer at San Domenico, highlighted Robley’s multifaceted role. 

“She oversaw the boarding program, the health services, and our sustainability… As far as school was concerned, she handled it well,” Wise said. 

Despite Robley’s warm presence, she could be strict when it was needed, and she had a knack for getting the job done. Wise shared a story about his daughter who was talking too much during class and had to go talk with Robley about her behavior. 

“She [Robley] just had this ability to look into your soul and invoke the fear of God,” Wise said. After that conversation, Wise’s daughter’s behavior improved greatly. 

Robley’s passing left a profound void; her great works still impact San Domenico School today. 

“We missed another strong voice,” Whaley said. “She really upheld and contributed to this community.”

As a student and a friend of hers, I recall Robley’s warmth and support. My first impression of her was that she was a nice and warm person.  I felt comfortable going to her office and she helped me reach out to her when I needed help, which eventually made us close friends. Despite facing an illness, Robley would always respond to my messages promptly and enthusiastically to support me. I deeply appreciate her encouragement,  strong work ethic as a teacher, and compassionate personality.


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