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Young musician makes waves “Across the Ocean”

Stephan Laskbrook
Kailash performing

Although he may be only 12, Kailash Brumwell has years worth of knowledge and experience in music, more specifically Reggae. Kailash Brumwell, a 7th grader at San Domenico, often sings for community gatherings at SD. He is like a celebrity at SD due to his amazing talents, but most people don’t know much more than that. 

When he was only two years old, his father, Mark Brumwell, could immediately see his potential.

“I could tell Kailash had perfect pitch when he was about two,” Mark Brumwell said. 

Mark Brumwell grew up listening to Reggae with his friends in the Florida Keys, and even formed a band of his own. He has always loved reggae music and played it for Kailash starting from the time he was born. Once Mark Brumwell understood Kailash Brumwell’s talents, he realized that he needed to get him to start studying piano.

“He started formally training with classical piano by the age of three,” Mark Brumwell said. “You could just see that he really had something with music.”

Mark Brumwell helped inspire Kailash Brumwell to pursue his music career, but he could also tell that Kailash Brumwell had an understanding of music before being introduced to it by his father. 

“Kailash seemed to have a deep relationship with music before I showed him anything,” Mark Brumwell said.

At just nine years old, Kailash Brumwell released his first single, “Seems so Strange (Police Brutality),” and months later, played at his first show. Just three years later, he has performed in front of 75,000 people at once.

“He does this without any practice,” Mark Brumwell said. “It is really truly remarkable.” 

Kailash Brumwell joined San Domenico in fifth grade where he was introduced to Mirza Khan, an adamant fan of Reggae. Khan often leads assemblies at San Domenico, and when he saw Kailash’s videos, he decided to invite him to sing at one. Since then, Kailash has performed at many other community events at SD. 

“He performs songs that I’ve heard 1,000 times, but he gives them a new spirit and a new beauty and harmony,” Khan said. 

When Kailash Brumwwell sings, his voice carries passion that captivates listeners, reflecting his deep love for music. 

Just recently, on December 1st, Kailash Brumwell released his first album “Across the Ocean.”

“I will say, I had put out other songs before the album. But honestly, I really think of the album as sort of my first “Kailash” release, since I feel like it reflects my creativity,” Kailash Brumwell said. 

Kailash Brumwell did not only write the lyrics and melodies, but also composed the drum parts, the baselines, and the keyboard parts, which he also played.

Starting in late 2022, Kailash Brumwell formed a band with many other talented artists. 

“The drummer in our band is Scott Natty Davis, who is currently on tour with a band called Groundation, which is one of the best Reggae bands to come out of America…our bassist is my dad…[and] our guitarist is Ryan Willard.”

The band first performed with each other in November of 2022. 

Kailash aims to pursue music as a career and sees his new album as just the beginning. 

“Right now I’m working on new songs and material, but I’m just getting started,” Kailash Brumwell said. 

Kailash Brumwell is a remarkable young artist who has a bright future ahead of him. He inspires us all with his love and passion for music. His exceptional voice creates an enchanting and memorable experience for anyone that gets the chance to listen.

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