5 trending looks that will never go out of style


Instagram outfit check of Devon Lee Carlson in Los Angeles, November 2022

Isabelle Jolson, Writer

Do you find yourself tearing through your closet, unable to put together an outfit? Do you want to upgrade your wardrobe but are unsure of where to start? Would you like to experiment with new aesthetics? Keep reading to discover your newest fashion fascination for spring and beyond. 


Rockstar Girlfriend

Hands down, the number one trend to follow in 2023 is the “rockstar girlfriend” aesthetic. 

The lifestyle emerged in the 60s with groupie culture. Evolving throughout the years, models like Kate Moss, Pattie Boyd and Iman defined what it means to be a “rockstar girlfriend”. 

Today, teenagers take inspiration from fashion trendsetters like model Devon Lee Carlson, ex girlfriend of The Neighbourhood’s lead singer, Jesse Rutherford. 

Back in the early 2000s, rock chicks wore cheetah print, fur coats, studded leather, silk mini dresses, faded jeans and stolen boyfriend jackets. 

Now in 2023, rockstar girlfriends dress in a similar fashion with a few additions: Converse sneakers, Doc Marten boots, fitted band tees, lingerie tops, all things Brandy Mellville and an emphasis on smudged eyeliner and unstyled hair. 

Rockstar girlfriend outfit inspiration layout
Rockstar girlfriend outfit inspiration layout

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Brandy Melville bella radio silence top 

Motel Rocks x Oliva Neill Cavita Jacket

Guess brown flare jeans

Urban Outfitters valentina corded heart necklace

Brandy Mellville thick hoop earrings

Emanuele Bicocchi silver pyramid ring

Converse custom chuck taylor all star lift platform


Subversive Basics

All aboard the spaceship! To Mars we go!

 The dress code is simple: we must follow the fad of the future— “subversive basics.” 

Emerging in 2020, subversive basics began as a fad and is still going strong, truly making it the style of the century. 

To achieve such an immortal aura, items with overlapping fabrics and cut-outs are a must. You can’t go wrong with layering—be sure to stack tops, tights, jackets, jewelry and anything you can manage to pile on top of yourself. Exposing thong straps and underpant waistbands is highly recommended. 

Lastly, apart from silver, make sure to dress in neutral colors only: white, gray, black, cream, tan, muted greens and brown.

Doja Cat is an example of a celebrity who embodies the subversive trend. She stunned fans at the Austin City Limits concert with her unmatched talent and Mars-explorer energy.

Doja Cat performing at 2021 Austin City Limits music festival
Doja Cat performing at 2021 Austin City Limits music festival


Subversive basics outfit inspiration layout
Subversive basics outfit inspiration layout

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Hyein Seo helix long sleeve top

Li-Ning overload sneakers

Acne Studios cargo pants

Vitaly x Tate McRae verge ring

Isabelle Marant silver rain drop necklace

Alan Crocetti silver droplet necklace

Alan Crocetti silver crystal drip ear cuff

Hugo Kreit Ssense exclusive silver coral hoops

Sony noise canceling headphones

Mugler angel eau de parfum 

By Far gray amber bag


Fairy Grunge

The next aesthetic to fly into popularity is “fairy grunge”. Appearing in early 2020, the style emerged from the DIY, nature walk centered lifestyle of the pandemic. 

Like many aesthetics that are popular among teenagers today, fairy grunge is inspired by fond childhood memories. The aesthetic combines naturesque mystique with 90s grunge and ties it all together with a teenage twist. Essentially, what you should try to go for is an edgy forest fairy. 

Dress in earth tones, long peasant skirts, ripped pantyhose, knit sweaters, excessive silver rings, Doc Martens, crystal necklaces, corsets and legwarmers. 

Preferably, you should source your clothes sustainably, just like an earth-loving fairy would. Not only can you thrift the majority of your pieces, but you can also upcycle what you already own: paint skeleton anatomy on your old hoodies and t-shirts with bleach; crochet your own hand warmers; cut, stretch and tie your tank tops to create unique fairy-like pieces and make your own jewelry using an assortment of beads and faux pearls.

The number one fairy grunge icon is singer Beabadoobee.

Beabadoobee posts her fairy grunge outfit on her Instagram, March 2020
Beabadoobee posts her fairy grunge outfit on her Instagram, March 2020

Sporting the aesthetic since before it had a name, she wears long skirts layered over jeans, knit “grandpa” sweaters, knit hats(often crocheted and cat shaped), knit shrugs and one of a kind thrifted items.

Fairy grunge outfit inspiration layout
Fairy grunge outfit inspiration layout

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Anna Sui Ssense exclusive fairy top

Minga London vapor stripes scarf

Free People pleated micro mini skirt

Urban Outfitters knee high socks

Doc Marten platform shoes

Marni silver heart necklace 

Minga London ace of spades ring set

Isa Boulder Ssense Exclusive argyle gloves

Mounser silver pruina earrings


Winter Girl 

It has been unbearably cold and breezy out lately for those of us accustomed to California weather. Many San Domenico students can be seen rigidly clutching to their puffers, layering fuzzy socks with their Uggs and even wrapping their necks with scarves to keep warm. An update from the everyday cold weather clothes is much needed.

That brings us to our next aesthetic—“winter girl.” Inspired by the early 2000s and cliche Russian fashion, the winter girl aesthetic features ushankas(fur hats), chunky snow boots, ear muffs, mittens and gloves, Chanel, fur-lined puffer jackets and fur-trim cardigans; all of which are mainly colored a crisp white. Sometimes the aesthetic makes room for browns, cream and pale pink, but primarily, winter girls dress in garments as white as the snow. 

Paris Hilton is an unforgettable winter girl inspiration.

Paris Hilton is spotted with her (ex) boyfriend, River Viiperi on their way to Mezzaluna, Aspen in December, 2012
Paris Hilton is spotted with her (ex) boyfriend, River Viiperi on their way to Mezzaluna, Aspen in December, 2012

In 2012 on her way to ski with her boyfriend in Aspen, she served a wintery get up complete with white DC snow boots. Today, winter girls search frantically for these boots on websites such as Depop in order to recreate her outfit and achieve the iconic early 2000s winter vibe.

Winter girl outfit inspiration layout
Winter girl outfit inspiration layout

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Moon Boot icon snow boots

Kyi Kyi faux fur ear muffs

For Love and Lemons vera cut out dress

Urban Outfitters argyle rhinestone tight

Yves Salomon – Army doudoune jacket

Stolen Girlfriends Club silver north star earrings

PUCKR silver star and heart choker

Bogner logo mittens


Time to channel your inner “Gossip Girl” with the “preppy” aesthetic. Although preppy sounds pretty negative, it doesn’t necessarily signify snobbery. Preppy fashion is cute, clean, elegant and gives one an independent air. 

To dress preppy, formality is key—you must dress to impress. Try on full length cardigans, collared dresses and skirt sets, anything expensive featuring a bow, stockings in new condition, blazers and dress pants, pearls and all things gold. 

An example of someone who embodies the preppy aesthetic is Blair Waldourf from “Gossip Girl.” 

Outfit snapshot of Blair Waldorf(Leighton Meester) in “Gossip Girl”, 2010
Outfit snapshot of Blair Waldorf(Leighton Meester) in “Gossip Girl”, 2010

Played by Leighton Meester, Blair is the “Queen B” of the Upper East Side and she sure knows how to dress.

This outfit was featured in an episode of “Gossip Girl” from the year 2010—bringing us back to our theme of early 2000s revival.

Preppy outfit inspiration layout
Preppy outfit inspiration layout

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Aritzia lamora cardigan 

Shushu/Tong mini dress

Marine Serre flocked tights

Vivienne Westwood neysa pearl choker

Numbering gold pearl earrings

Repetto sophia ballerina shoes

Henry Rose torn eau de parfum 

Madewell etched pinwheel stacking ring set


If you love these aesthetics but are nervous to try them out, don’t worry. You can always mix and match different styles to create one that is uniquely yours that you feel confident in. 

And if you decide to go all out and follow a trend to the t, remember that how you felt in the mirror that morning is more important than other people’s opinions. 

As long as you like the way your outfit looks and it makes you happy, why let anyone else determine how you feel about it? That’s like disliking pancakes all because your friend thinks they’re gross. That would be silly. 

Hopefully you are now inspired to go after your fashion goals and confidently experiment with your individual style.