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New grade system introduced causes controversy among the SD community


Veracross, a new system recently introduced to San Domenico, has sparked controversy among the San Domenico community. Veracross allows students to view their grades, daily schedule, upcoming events, and more. 

With all the new functions that the system offers, the San Domenico administration made the ultimate decision to move grades from Canvas to Veracross all together. Mike Berry, an upper school science teacher and advisor, mentions that the grades were moved for about two weeks before the administration realized that there were some complications with it and decided to reopen Canvas grades.

Caitlin Clark, the Dean of Academics, talked about the administration’s decision to start using Veracross.

“Theoretically, it’s an incredible tool for schools. I think all last year when we were doing the demos of it, we were thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, this makes our current system, which is Power School, look like a typewriter.’”

Even though grades on Canvas are back, it is only temporary. Once the Veracross system is fixed, the administration is planning to relock the Canvas grades and move all the grade books back to Veracross. With all the challenges this new system has caused, Clark talks behind the reasoning of keeping the grades off Canvas.

“I still support that idea [Veracross] in theory, having your grades be somewhere else because I think it can be stressful having the grades right in your face every time you log into Canvas,” Clark said  “There are some downsides to that it draws your mind immediately to a number rather than the learning itself.”

Although many teachers are in support of student grades being locked on Canvas, many students are unhappy with this decision. The main complaint is that not being able to immediately see grades on Canvas can be even more stressful. Sophomore Elizabeth Rogers talked about the experience of not being able to view her grades on Canvas.

“It’s hard for me because when I don’t immediately see my grades on Canvas, I forget to check them and end up not focusing on them at all,” Elizabeth said. 

Students overall have been struggling with the system while the administration has found many issues. Teachers also had a hard time with being introduced to a new system after using the same one for so long. Michelle Henry, learning specialist for the Upper School, talked about her experience with Veracross as a new teacher at San Domenico.

“From my perspective, it’s kind of complicated, because there’s a lot of unknowns,” Michelle said, mentioning that it was strange to adapt to a new system alongside a new school. 

Although there are current downsides with the Veracross system, only time will tell if San Domenico is able to incorporate the new system and embrace the changes. 

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