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21 Savage’s newest album explores how challenges are part of the journey

21 Savages newest album explores how challenges are part of the journey

The American Dream. This phrase represents an abundance of opportunities for freedom to pursue your passions, regardless of who you are or where you came from. 21 Savage’s new album reflects the best and the worst of the American Dream.

21 Savage was brought to America at age seven from London. His mother wanted a better life for him and the rest of his family. In the very first song on the album, 21 gives a tribute to his mother, Heather Carmillia Joseph. His song showcases his mother’s voice and the way she raised her children.

“As a mother, every path I walked was for my son,” Joseph said. 

“Challenges were a part of the journey, and what I wanted was an afterthought.”

“The idea of providing him proper chances, helped me to never stop moving forward,” said his mother in the song  “American Dream,” which was titled after the album. 

Currently, 21 Savage is very successful and one of the most well known current rappers. But that’s not to say he didn’t have his hardships. 

In 2020, 21 Savage was arrested by the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. This was a highly publicized event, all over the media. His legal status had expired in 2006. This album shows a newer and complex side to the artist. It not only proves that he has grown both as an artist and as a person, but also that he does not live in the past anymore. 

American Dream brings 21 Savage back up to another “No. 1 album” title—his fourth chart topper album so far. American Dream has a duration of 50 minutes and the top song on the album is titled “Redrum,” which has an ominous sounding beat. He maintains his “villain demeanor” with the play on words for “murder” in the title and chorus.

One of the most meaningful songs in the album, “Letter to my Brudda,” is a song about reflection on loyalty, betrayal, struggle and forgiveness. The song begins with 21 Savage seeking forgiveness for his mistakes. He then focuses on removing the masks of those who pretend to be his friends but in reality, act like his enemies.

21 Savage is thirty-one years old now. He has matured since he was twenty, and first started recording. The growth in his music shows the growth in him as a person too. He reflects on his past in his music and interviews. 

“I stay focused on moving forward and not letting stuff put me in a hole or make me feel depressed,” 21 Savage said in an interview with Paper Magazine. 

My personal favorite on the album is a song titled “Should’ve Worn a Bonnet” featuring Brent Faiyaz. This song has a different feel to it than most others on the album. The music is very upbeat and fast. It is different from the darker, more ominous feel in the majority of the album. 

Overall, the aggregate rating of American Dream  is 73/100. I appreciate this album’s deeper meaning and the growth of 21 Savage as an artist and an individual.

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