The hallways of SD: why we love them!


Bella Riella

Outside of the upper school building, the busy hallways overflow beyond the inside walkways

Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor

Constantly drowning in the sea of freshmen in the hallways of SD? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Maturing is realizing that the tsunami of students is incredibly beneficial to all! With over 515 acres of land, why go explore campus when you can cramp up in a hallway and block everyone’s path? 

Was it the years of covid pushing us apart that is bringing us together? Or perhaps it is that herd mentality that makes us want to travel with five plus people at a time? 

Regardless, the majority concur that traveling in packs is preferred than the lone wolf route.

Over the past four years at San Domenico, I have gone through many stages. From standing in the middle of everyone’s path as a freshman to shoving my way through the clogged-up halls as an upperclassman—I’ve experienced it all. 

We all know the feeling of being late to class because people don’t know how to move out of the way, or the disappointment of what feels like thousands cutting you in the snack shack lines. The swarm should be normalized in a totally positive way!

I absolutely adore dragging myself to my homeroom every morning, anxiously pushing through the blockade of people who turn off their hearing as soon as someone says, “Excuse me.”

Though this phenomenon of students crowding in a hallway is annoying to most, here’s why I think we should find the silver lining.

Number one: If we as students always complain about going to class, the crowded hallways actually prevent us from being on time to class, therefore we suffer less!

Number two: San Domenico has a much smaller student population compared to other schools, so sometimes you get lonely. Just head on over to the upper school building to be greeted with what feels like a mosh pit.

Number three: Feeling like you have no underclassmen friends? Head over to the upper school building; you will be greeted by a sea of them with warm smiles. 

These three ways of experiencing the busy hallways of San Domenico will keep you and your friends entertained and turn that dread of going to school into excitement!