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Bella Riella

Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor

Bella Riella is a senior at San Domenico and the Head Copy Editor of The Panther Press. Her favorite hobbies include volleyball, reading, writing, watching films, and listening to indie rock bands.

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SD Wrapped

SD Wrapped

Memorable Events The school’s endless organized events gave us the opportunity to put down the computers and books for a bit, and have some fun! Prom, winter formal, and the beginning of year...

The Marin Farmers’ Market

The Sunday sunlight warms the sky of the Marin Farmers’ Market as a young local band fills the air with jazz melodies. Parents and their  eager children weave between market-goers waiting in...

Outside of the upper school building, the busy hallways overflow beyond the inside walkways

The hallways of SD: why we love them!

Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor March 20, 2023

Constantly drowning in the sea of freshmen in the hallways of SD? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Maturing is realizing that the tsunami of students is incredibly beneficial to all! With over...

Art by Monica Sanford

Hell is a teenage girl

Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor February 7, 2023

There’s no elective in high school on how to be a teenage girl, or how to grow into a “successful” woman. Constantly surrounded by perfection and “womanly values,” she feels like there is no...

Art by Monica Sanford

The award-winning film shines a “Spotlight” on journalists at their best

Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor February 7, 2023

In 2001, the members of Spotlight at The Boston Globe were encouraged to investigate and write about the controversial cover-ups within the Catholic Church. The first article released on this scandal,...

The Starbucks at Northgate One has a variety of seasonal drinks available. Photo by Bella Riella.

These Starbucks holiday drinks sleigh!

We’re making a list, we’re checking it twice, we’re figuring out which drinks are naughty or nice. After Thanksgiving and all things pumpkin spice, the Starbucks holiday drinks are as popular as...

The Panther Press writers take their first BeReal!

Let’s be real… is BeReal taking over?

Bella Riella, Repord December 12, 2022

When I first learned about the new social media app “BeReal,” I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. Essentially it felt like a glorified, yet simple version of Snapchat. My friend...

Presidents of the San Domenico mental health club!(Left to Right: Dylan Youman, Paola Flores-Fuentes and Oliver Yan)
Photography by Bella Riella

How the San Domenico Mental Health Club is changing the ways of student life

Bella Riella November 16, 2022

Thousands of young adults and teenagers across the nation have been struggling with the overwhelming burden of mental health in both school and at home. Whether it is the stress of submitting those final...

Isabelle Jolson holds up two banned books: The Color Purple by Alice Walker and Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender.

How San Domenico has responded to the worldwide plague of book banning

Bella Riella, Reporter October 7, 2022

While the world of book banning has undoubtedly taken the U.S. by storm, the small, yet distinctive community of San Domenico has been able to fight back in a multitude of ways. Recently, there has...

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