Let’s be real… is BeReal taking over?


Bella Riella

The Panther Press writers take their first BeReal!

Bella Riella, Repord

When I first learned about the new social media app “BeReal,” I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. Essentially it felt like a glorified, yet simple version of Snapchat. My friend explained to me that it was an app that notified you every day at a different, random time to take a picture of whatever you were doing at the moment, which by extension is “being real.” 

At first launch, the students of San Domenico were at a divide. Half were obsessed with the app, while others thought it was overrated and pointless. Our recent Panther Press poll asked which students used BeReal and which students did not. The results came out to be 59 percent did use the app, while 41 percent did not.

Though as time has passed, more have given into the trend, including myself.

Within the first week of downloading the app, I began to understand the hype. The app creates wholesome, yet hilarious fun among friends online. It shares a new aspect of authenticity in the world of social media, creating a realistic online realm and experience for younger generations.

BeReal has become an app with everyone’s attention in a variety of ways. Outside of the app, users can repost their BeReal of the day on platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok. As well as posting, some users ask strangers to take their BeReal and show the “behind the scenes” via a screen recording. 

BeReal has taken the San Domenico student community by storm. From asking teachers to take the daily BeReal to sneaking a pic in class, the app has proved to be popular with the students. 

Personally, I believe that BeReal is creating a completely different, yet authentic way to look at social media. Not only do we get to see some “in the moment” pictures from our friends, but also, our eyes aren’t glued to the screen for hours on end like other popular social media.

By not being “glued” to our phones, I am referring to the fact that the app is a “one and done” situation.

I have seen selfies, OOTDS (outfit of the day), pets, and even concerts while using BeReal. The difference between a BeReal and an Instagram story is that a user doesn’t have to constantly check who is viewing their story, who liked it, rethinking the decision, etc. Rather they can just post the picture and be on their way. The responses a user can have with friends include reacting with photos of yourself on others’ BeReals, commenting, or just liking them. This creates a fun and friendly way to interact with your fellow friends and “keeps it real.”

However, not all agree BeReal is a great new form of social interaction and think it is simply an immature waste of time. People believe it may actually just be some other kind of excuse to take your phone out. While this could be true for some, the app still appeals to many, creating harmless fun for those who choose to indulge.

Even when you aren’t wearing your daily makeup, or you’ve just woken up when the BeReal goes off, your friends will be in it with you, and everyone gets a slice of your life in a casual, carefree way. On TikTok or Instagram, the photos and videos you post are often planned, thought out, and you’re looking “your best.” The constant perfection celebrities and influencers create online with these other apps establish unrealistic ways to look 24/7. This may create insecurities amongst certain people, influencing a sense of “fear” that they don’t look how “everyone else on Instagram or Tiktok looks.” BeReal cuts through the fraud and perfectionism that plagues teens on social media.

On top of the app producing a different look than other social media platforms, it has created an online atmosphere where friends can show friends whatever they are doing at the time. It has shown not to have the same heavy stress that apps like Instagram or Tiktok do because once you post, there is no going back, and somehow, we eat it up every time.

Overall, I feel that BeReal has created a safe and enjoyable approach to  social media, free of the pressure of beauty standards. Whether you use the app or not, you can look around when the BeReal goes off and see the laughs, smiles, and the true, authentic joy it brings out of people.