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The Met Gala: A fusion of high fashion and educational inspiration at San Domenico


The Met Gala, renowned for its grandeur and cutting-edge fashion, is a spectacle that captures the essence of creativity and artistic expression. This year’s theme, “The Garden of Time,” provided a canvas for designers and celebrities to intertwine nature and fashion in a captivating display. To explore the impact and significance of this event, I interviewed Alexis Gerlach and Brittney Hung, who shared their insights on how the Met Gala’s influence resonates beyond the realm of fashion, extending to educational institutions like San Domenico School.

According to Alexis Gerlach, the Met Gala is an opportunity for fashion designers to transcend traditional boundaries.

 “It’s a chance for designers to really push their creative side,” Gerlach explained. “Celebrities showcase these avant-garde designs, making the event a celebration of innovation in fashion.” 

This year’s theme, “The Garden of Time,” inspired designs that drew heavily from nature’s palette. Gerlach pointed out the prevalence of earthy colors and natural elements in the outfits. She highlighted some standout ensembles: “I loved Gigi Hadid’s look—it was gorgeous. Zendaya’s floral attire was phenomenal.

These outfits not only embraced the theme but also showcased the designers’ artistic depth.”


Interestingly, the theme of “The Garden of Time” bears a striking resemblance to San Domenico’s own emphasis on nature and creativity. Gerlach noted, “San Domenico is nestled in a very natural environment, much like the theme of this year’s Met Gala.” The school’s location in the hills and its beautiful surroundings resonate with the earthy and natural motifs seen in the gala’s fashion choices.

Brittney Hung added a unique perspective, drawing parallels between the Met Gala and San Domenico’s Earth Day celebrations.

 “We have Earth Day in our school, and the flowers in our rose garden are beautiful,” she said. “The Met Gala’s theme reminds me of our spirit week, where each day has a different theme, driving students’ enthusiasm and adding vibrant colors to our campus,” Hung said.

The intersection of high-profile cultural events like the Met Gala and educational institutions is a burgeoning area of interest. When asked about this relationship, Gerlach envisioned a future where such events inspire educational curricula. “The Met Gala challenges aspiring artists to step out of their comfort zones and express their creativity,” she said. “Educational institutions can adopt similar themes to encourage students to explore and showcase their artistic talents.”

Brittney Hung echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the role of themed events in fostering

creativity and engagement among students. “Just like the Met Gala, our spirit week themes energize the school community,” she noted. “It’s a great way to encourage students to express themselves and participate actively in school activities.”

The Met Gala, with its blend of high fashion and thematic creativity, serves as an inspiration far beyond the red carpet. At San Domenico, the spirit of events like “The Garden of Time” resonates through the school’s celebrations and natural surroundings, enriching the educational experience. As we continue to bridge the gap between cultural events and education, it becomes evident that creativity knows no bounds, and inspiration can flourish in every corner of our lives.


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