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Outside of the upper school building, the busy hallways overflow beyond the inside walkways

The hallways of SD: why we love them!

Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor March 20, 2023

Constantly drowning in the sea of freshmen in the hallways of SD? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Maturing is realizing that the tsunami of students is incredibly beneficial to all! With over...

My savior in the forest green pickup truck

My savior in the forest green pickup truck

Evan Ford, Contributer March 9, 2023

I spend my summers on a small island, surrounded by moody waters and a family of friends. I've visited the island every year since I was a baby, and the island has stayed the same for as long as I can...

Instagram outfit check of Devon Lee Carlson in Los Angeles, November 2022

5 trending looks that will never go out of style

Isabelle Jolson, Writer March 8, 2023

Do you find yourself tearing through your closet, unable to put together an outfit? Do you want to upgrade your wardrobe but are unsure of where to start? Would you like to experiment with new aesthetics?...

Art by Monica Sanford

Hell is a teenage girl

Bella Riella, Head Copy Editor February 7, 2023

There’s no elective in high school on how to be a teenage girl, or how to grow into a “successful” woman. Constantly surrounded by perfection and “womanly values,” she feels like there is no...

Martin practices singing and blocking for the number Naughty surrounded by colorful blocks

Fiona Martin takes the lead in upcoming San Domenico production ‘Matilda the Musical’

Isabelle Jolson, Reporter November 7, 2022

Fiona Martin, a talented actress and senior at San Domenico is thrilled to play the lead role of Matilda Wormwood. However she feels melancholic, as this is her last year performing at San Domenico. The...

Photograph by Angelo Neto

After School Awakenings

Eva Laborde-Turner, Contributor November 6, 2022

I jumped off of the play structure onto the black rubber surface as the bell rang to dismiss the students at Jefferson Elementary School in San Francisco. The morning fog had burned off and my energy elevated...

Photograph by Saliah Johnson

My American Dream

Courtney Tsamba , Contributor November 4, 2022

My definition of the American dream comes from the disadvantaged Zimbabwean children's point of view. My American dream is for my children to receive equal opportunity, fair treatment and other important...

Iskindir is holding a plate of cookies in the San Domenico cafeteria and dressing on trend with a maroon cardigan, black jeans and casual sneakers.

San Domenico students make it official: Sustainability is on trend!

Isabelle Jolson, Reporter October 7, 2022
Many fashion trends start with young people, and the San Domenico student body is no exception.
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