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Aarya Chowdhry

Aarya Chowdhry, Head Copy Editor

Hello! I am a senior at San Domenico School and a contributor to The Panther Press. I have a passion for learning and researching. I love writing about women's rights and social justice. Other than that, I am a fan of badminton, YAF novels and writing poetry!

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The Crumbl Cookie box

Crumbl Cookies: Compliments and complaints

Charles: Intro This spring, The Panther Press chose to review Crumbl Cookies, a popular bakery that offers a dynamic menu of six different flavors each week. The Panther Press members tried six...

A french saying translating to “May peace reign in the world” with a background of the American, Californian and Pride flags. Photo by Aarya Chowdhry.

Photo Essay: Beauty in co-existence

Aarya Chowdhry, Head Copy-Editor April 19, 2024

  Whether it be through social media or in our own personal circles, every day, regardless of who we are, we experience the consequences of a society that refuses to acknowledge and accept...

Students gathering on Kesterson Field before the opening ceremony

Earth Day at San Domenico: Celebrating our planet’s call to action

Aarya Chowdhry, Head Copy-Editor April 19, 2024

“What does Earth Day mean to you?” asked Shelly Flint, the director of sustainability at San Domenico, to an audience of hundreds of students, as they joined her in celebrating Earth Day on our...

Illustration depicting one of the hotspots for gang violence, Guayaquil, in Ecuador. Illustration by Aarya Chowdhry.

Behind the curtains of San Domenico’s spring discovery trip amidst Ecuador’s political crisis

Aarya Chowdhry, Head Copy-Editor March 25, 2024

When upper school students first received the news that they had the opportunity to go to Ecuador during spring break, there was an immediate air of excitement that was shared by everybody. However, events...

Woman with donation box. Image via Freepik.

From dorm rooms to thrift stores: Are donations truly the solution to the environmental impact of the textile industry?

Aarya Chowdhry, Head Copy-Editor March 12, 2024

Do me a favor as you’re reading this article and open your closet. I want you to find every piece of clothing that you have not worn in at least the past three months. If you found none, great. This...

Image taken by Aarya Chowdhry

Capturing the wisdom of a sweet, unstoppable force

Aarya Chowdhry, Contributor December 18, 2023

Allow me to take this opportunity to transport you from the gratifying hills around you at San Domenico. Imagine a sunny afternoon. It is a brightly lit day. You brush the light breeze off your face. You...

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

The Panther Press is back with our annual review of the Starbucks holiday drinks. This year there were new drinks and new foods, and a whole new Panther Press group! Our Panther Press team tried five different...

Illustration by Aarya Chowdhry

Recreating Barbie’s monologue for high school students

Aarya Chowdhry, Contributor December 2, 2023

Prioritize your mental health, but make sure your high school transcript shows academic rigor. Manage your time, find balance— but your co-curricular activities should show variety. Sleep is important,...

SD Students dancing to the Homecoming Music

San Domenico grooves to the rhythm of first ever Homecoming

Aarya Chowdhry, Merritt Sellers, and Delaney Whaley October 17, 2023

On a sunny Saturday morning, San Domenico had its first ever homecoming. Students were outside enjoying the day from at 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Along with the games, students enjoyed food, music, face painting...

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